Easy payday loans of up to € 60,000 at a click

If we need financing, in the market we can find a wide range of entities that offer personal loans. Throughout this page, we tell you where you can go to get financing and some tricks to get the best among all the personal loans online market.

Web pages where to find personal loans

The credit market has grown considerably in Spain since the crisis, and the case of online has not been an exception. If before we could only get financing by going to a bank, now there are private companies with products on which we can obtain information through the Internet. In addition, technological development has given rise to online personal loans that grant financing of different amounts in just a few hours. Next, we show the web pages that we can consult if we need money:

Web portals of private capital companies

Most of the private equity entities that operate in the market work only online. Therefore, if we want to have access to a wider range of options, entering the page of these companies we will know the products that it commercializes and what are the conditions that we must accept for our application to be approved. All the process is done from any device, so we avoid displacements and we will know the answer of the lender in a short time.

Websites of the banks of all life

The increase in competition has given rise to traditional banks becoming more concerned with responding to the needs of consumers, whose consumption habits are not the same as 10 years ago. Now we look for more comfortable, fast and effective ways to manage our finances, so there are trips and office paperwork behind. Therefore, more and more banks that have online banking applications. Therefore, in addition to consulting our movements, we can also perform some operations in a few minutes. On many occasions, we can even access a personal loan without changing banks.

P2P platforms based on crowdlending

It is the most novel way that currently exists to obtain financing. It is an online alternative that, although it is still unknown to a large part of consumers, increasingly adds more users. The personal loan is obtained by private investors, so the approval of the credit depends on the platform and not on a bank. Although we can take a few days to know if they grant us money or not, we avoid traveling and sending paperwork that entails other more traditional options. In addition, we can access through devices such as a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet with an Internet connection.

How Easy is it Really? Therefore, it is possible to find easy payday loans online in various portals through the Internet. The final choice will depend on the characteristics of the personal online loan that we need.

30% marks the granting of personal loans online

One aspect that we should consider when applying for an online consumer credit or a personal loan without changing the bank is that, if we have other debts, it is advisable that the total of them does not exceed 30% of our income according to the recommendations of the Bank of Spain. Therefore, if we are paying a mortgage or other personal loan we may not be able to opt for more financing.

However, they also pose a risk to our financial solvency. Indebting ourselves above this percentage can cause us to fall into default and it is difficult for us to return the credits to online consumption correctly. Therefore, this figure can help us assess whether it is convenient or not to acquire a new debt. It is always good to have full knowledge and control over our finances.

Check the website before entering your information

While the Internet is a useful tool to find an online consumer credit and even personal loans without endorsement, we also expose ourselves to some dangers if we are not foreseeable before entering our data on any website.

The regulated lenders have a web page that complies with the relevant security protocols in order to protect our data. To see if we are accessing a secure portal we can see if it appears https and a green padlock at the beginning of the URL. If so, have the online transfer protocols active.

However, always be cautious and do not enter any data without being sure where we are accessing. If we have the slightest doubt, it will be best to pause the request and, in no case, send money in advance. In addition, we can consult in opinion forums the real experience of other users with the entity we have chosen, in this way we will know how the treatment and the service provided to other people has been and we will leave doubt about whether or not it is reliable.